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Command and expand a fleet of spacecraft in Star Conflict Heroes, the sci-fi action RPG! Explore a vast, story-rich universe, acquire new starships and upgrade their unique abilities. Battle pirates, aliens and players in thrilling real-time tactical combat!

Your fleet awaits, Commander! Ready your ships, prime your weapons and join the battle that will shape the future of our universe. We are counting on you!

Key Features

  • Command an undefeatable armada: Assemble a fleet of 32 distinct starships and upgrade them using blueprints, adding rare modules and loot seized in battle.
  • Master a unique combat system: Control your ships in exciting real-time 4v4 combat that allows you to actively target the enemy with your ship’s special abilities.
  • Destroy your enemies: Fight rogue pirates, aliens and powerful bosses in Campaign, Portal, Pirate Battles and Boss game modes that demand new tactics for each battle.
  • Compete against other players: Defeat opposing fleets in PvP Arena battles, gain fame in the leaderboards and participate in tournaments to win prizes!
  • Discover a vast universe: Immerse yourself in a galactic journey to defend humanity in the stellar wars that followed the inexplicable arrival of a mysterious alien threat.
  • Experience astonishing visuals: Enjoy spectacular 3D graphics, stunning ship animations and special effects as well as captivating sounds and music.

Targem Games

Gaijin Entertainment

Action RPG

iOS, Android

Release date:
iOS - 9th Feb, 2017
Android: 23rd Feb, 2017


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